Season 2: Episode 6 Trailer.

Grand Benders Season 2, Episode 6:

Music — “Happy” and “Casa” by Lonnie Szoke

Sometimes, things have gone so far out of whack that the best of intentions can’t save the situation.

The end of the season is near, and Mick and Nancy decide to throw a party to thank the staff for another summer of hard work. They go all out: candles, tablecloths, open bar, and lobster for all. The staff are excited.


If Mick is going this far to thank everyone, he must be happy with their work.

Everyone — girls and boys — gets dressed in their summer finest, and comes ready to celebrate.


But someone has to cook the meal, and as always, the job nobody wants falls to Justin. Once again, Mick has taken his own son for granted, and for Justin, a whole summer’s worth of hurt feelings boils over like a forgotten pot.

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