Season 2: Episode 8 Trailer.

Grand Benders Season 2, Episode 8:

Music — “E.O.W_125 Bpm Devin Arne” by D Tap

The beauty and the tragedy of a Canadian summer… No sooner do you start to get used to the warmth and sunshine, then it’s over.


At Cocos, another season is coming to a close. Half the staff have already left, and the rest are running on fumes, just trying to get to the finish line.

As Justin tries to stretch the remaining food supplies to last one more dinner service, Mick takes off to DJ on the beach.


For the first time, the father-son relationship is reversed.

Then, one last event: the annual Labour Day blowout, which is also Justin’s 26th birthday party.

Mick and Nancy are justifiably proud that their boy has finally stepped up and shown that he’s a responsible grown-up. And they surprise him with a gift that will keep his spirits riding high until next summer.

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