Season 2 Trailer.

Grand Benders Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 of GRAND BENDERS reunites the Rapaport family, their friends, staff, club kids, beach goers and frenemies for another summer to remember!

It’s the 25th anniversary at Cocos and tempers are flying as long hours and too much partying take their toll. Mickey puts additional demands on Justin to step-up and lead while at the same time displaying his “supreme overlord” style of management. The family deals with the problems of running a small, seasonal business, from keeping the ice machine running to managing slacker staff.

Mickey and Justin get ready to celebrate the club’s 25th anniversary. But key staff have quit, disaster looms behind the bar, and once again they have to improvise.

New Season 2 characters include:

* High Kick, an out-of-control party animal and would-be Cocos bartender
* Laura, the sexy new front-of-house “shark”
* And Chad, the monosyllabic bus boy and body builder.

Same old shit. Different year. Different summer.

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