Mick, The Dad
Mick (62) is Cocos’ owner. He is a wily Polish-Jewish mastermind / trickster who oversees every decision and even works the DJ turntables on hot summer days. In the last decade, he discovered house music, and it changed his life. Mick, in his own eccentric ways, oversee the business — and the kids who work there at his “summer camp nightclub school”.

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Nancy, The Boss
Wife Nancy holds her family together while managing Cocos financial side. Protective mother hen to Cocos female staff, she runs a tight business — with zero tolerance for misbehaving customers and staff ineptitude, and sometime little patience for Mick’s practical jokes.

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Justin, The Son
Justin (26), apprentice to his father in all things management, runs the kitchen and bar orders. Funny, sarcastic, running on adrenaline and energy drinks, he does his best to weather the ups and down of business and his parents’ demands. But when Mick gets under his skin, situations have a way of becoming explosive.

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Princess Coco
Princess Coco is the family’s mascot. She’s the bunny who delights passersby while keeping Mick occupied with hair ornaments and bunny tricks (when she’s not escaping and causing comedic havoc). But this Princess is not just a pretty face — she starts university at the end of this summer season.

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