Natalie, The Niece
Natalie (24) is Nancy’s niece. She managed the girls and worked the bar until she suddenly up and quit. Her boyfriend’s family owns Shady Lane, the rental cottages behind Cocos, which she is helping to manage. Back at Cocos to ‘help out’ for the summer, she still manages to throw her weight around upsetting Amelia and the other staff.

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Amy Elizabeth, DJ
DJ Amy Elizabeth is Cocos’ up-and-coming house DJ, a buxom blonde who knows how to work the music industry. Part of the Coco’s family, she’s reluctant to admit her romantic history with Patrick, many years her junior — but the spark between them may not be extinguished yet.

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Boomer, Rival Nightclub Manager
Boomer (40) is Grand Bend’s former lifeguard and beach captain. He is now the manager at Cocos main competition and nemesis, rock‘n’roll bar Gables. Grand Bend locals all hang out at Gables. But if Mick ever catches his staff going there, he’ll be enraged.

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Juan, Head Life Guard
Juan, from Mexico, is the handsome and current captain of the lifeguards. A former Cocos bouncer, he now doubles as Gables’ handsome resident DJ: “At the end of the day when the whistle gets hung up, the turntables come out, and we rock the show,” Juan is a beach double threat — he can save lives and draw the ladies.




Kelia, The Game Changer
Kelia (“Princess K”), is the beautiful Polish-Japanese party girl who has caught Patrick’s eye. She loves to drink and dance, and may be winning Patrick’s heart. If he can refrain from double-booking dates when she’s around, they might have a future… especially when she starts luring him with plans to move to Korea.