Amelia, The Girlfriend
Amelia (23) is Justin’s pixieish girlfriend and one of Cocos’ top bartenders. She bunks with her boyfriend/boss in one of the small hotel rooms upstairs. Smart and even-tempered, she knows enough to step aside when family conflict arises, usually escaping with girlfriends for some fun at the beach.

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Patrick, The Player
Patrick (23) is Cocos’ ladies’ man and resident hustler.  This summer, Patrick is back in ‘The Bend’ and up to his old tricks. Armed with a sexy new black convertible, he’s a veritable magnet for Grand Bends’ lonely ladies — if only there were some around.

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grand-benders-the-barn-catsAlix and Shayna, The Barn Cats
Servers by day and prowling party girls by night, this dynamic duo is the purrrr-fect antidote to the sour mood hanging over Cocos. But when Mick drops them behind the decks in the DJ booth, will it mark the end of the party, or the start of something new for Cocos and the gang?

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grand-benders-cast-high-kickHigh Kick, The Party Animal
High Kick is Cocos’ newest bartender and a longtime friend of Cocos’ owners and staff. The guy who can touch his nose with his toes is back for another season. Only this time Mother Nature is not playing along. That calls for some innovative party mixers and some new high-jinks to get the party started.

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Laura, The Shark
Laura is Cocos’ new door ‘shark’ and according to Mick “a mysterious girl”. Super-confident and super-sexy this shark was born swimming. Does Mick have a new secret weapon? Or will The Shark head south with the rain clouds?

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Prof, House DJ
‘Prof’ is Patrick’s younger brother and the latest Figlarski to fly the Cocos flag. Mick loves him because he’s Polish. The waitresses love him cause he’s cute. And Justin loves him because he willing to help with the shitty jobs. ‘Prof’ is no replacement for Patrick on the front door. But put him behind a set of turntables and the sparks fly!

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Cloud, The Short Order Cook
Cloud is Cocos’ short order cook by day, and bouncer by night. The cool dude with the hot grill, Cloud has the unenviable job of cooking the chicken and dealing with Mick’s regular verbal outbursts — a grilling that no one wants to experience. A member of the Kettle & Stony Point First Nation, Cloud is happy to pow wow with his co-workers especially when Mick’s not around.

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Chad, The Barback
Chad is the dim but awesomely buff Cocos’ barback. A magnet for Grand Bend’s cougars, he is perpetually late and a lightening rod for Mick’s depression-era work ethic.

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Robyn, The Waitress
Robyn is one of Cocos most popular waitresses. Pretty and blonde, she’s a knock-out with an adorable personality to match. This is her first summer working in ‘The Bend’ and Mick has already pressed her into entering Cocos Bikini Contest. Will the town’s unrestrained party atmosphere turn her from a sweet small town girl into the seductive Queen of body shots?

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