Forget The Ties: 9 Awesome Fathers Day Gifts


Don’t know what to get your dad on Father’s Day? Forget the ties. Here’s nine awesome Fathers Day gifts.

1. Nothing says “thanks Dad” like a nice bottle of Glenmorangie. Scotch is great gift. Not only is it a treat, you might get to share a splash yourself.

fathers day gifts

2. If you’re Dad isn’t already a health nut, kick his butt in gear with a fitness tracker like Nike’s FuelBand or Fitbit Tracker. This way dad can keep tabs on how many steps he’s taken in a day, what is heart rate is, or even how many calories he’d burned.


3. If your Dad is into tunes, get him Beats by Dre headphones. For picky Dad’s into music, there’s nothing better than a good pair of headphones, whether you’re beat mixing or just chilling with some on the deck.

fathers-day-gifts-beats by dre

4. You can’t grill all year round, so get your dad a George Foreman Grill. It’s quick, easy to clean up and it saves on propane.


5. Unless your father is the crazy wizard type, he needs a razor to keep his facial hair under control. Gillette spans the spectrum, from the sleek and shiny to budget conscious.


6. If your dad is anything like Mick, he spends a lot of time in the sun. Since it’s the beginning of summer, it’s a great time to get him a pair of sunglasses that you won’t be embarrassed to see him wearing. Skip the dollar store bins and splurge for some Oakley’s or Ray Bans.


7. Watches add a touch of class to any man, not matter how dapper or disheveled he might be otherwise. For something distinguished, go with Daniel Wellington. If you’re Dad is more modern than classic, Movado is a clear winner.


8. A nice bottle of Kenneth Cole or Hugo Boss cologne might get you the stink eye from dear old Dad, but he’ll be thanking you when friends and strangers aren’t giving him the stink eye anymore.


9. Whether your dad is a fix-it or just needs to tighten a few loose screws, get him a multi-tool like the butt-kicking Leatherman Charge ALX. They don’t need the storage space of a tool kit, and they’re actually useful so they won’t be sitting in the basement waiting for him to start on that reno project.


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