Grand Benders: Episode 4 Summary


Episode 4 – losing it
Air dates: Tuesday, June 12th at 9 pm (et/pt); Saturday, June 16th at 7 pm (et/pt)

Music — “No” — Peter Wellington for Robeter Productions

Coco’s is a family business, in the traditional sense.

“This is an old-fashioned place,” Mick tells us. “Only family touches the money here.”

Niece Natalie has worked at Coco’s for eight years. So has Mick’s “adopted son”, frontman and hustler Patrick.

Suddenly halfway through the summer, the family structure unravels.

Without warning or explanation, Natalie hangs her keys on the door, and disappears, leaving Coco’s to scramble for the upcoming long weekend.

Mick is philosophical — “Nobody is indispensable here” — but we see the family feeling the pressure. With nobody to schedule the staff or keep them in line in Natalie’s absence, tension mounts between Justin and his dad (the “supreme overlord”.)

Meanwhile, inspired by love interest Kaila, Patrick decides he’s leaving Coco’s and moving to Korea. He frets on how to tell Mick and Nancy, especially in the shockwaves of Natalie’s departure.

With more and more responsibility on Justin’s shoulders, he’s near the breaking point.

What will these departures mean for Coco’s future?

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