Grand Benders: Episode 5 Summary


Episode 5 – sunset
Air dates: Tuesday, June 19th at 9 pm (et/pt); Saturday, June 23rd at 7 pm (et/pt)

Music: “una notte (instrumental)” — Peter Wellington for Robeter Productions

As the family heads into the final stretch of summer, Patrick comes to Grand Bend to work his last weekend at Coco’s.

Determined to make it worthwhile, he’s lining up dates for every night — sometimes with more than one girl (and a little help from his younger brother, Coco’s handsome 17-year old bus boy Jason — a.k.a. ” Prof “).

His departure party will be bittersweet — Patrick predicts Mick won’t show emotion, but everyone admits Coco’s won’t be the same when their frontman is gone.

Exhausted, the family prepares for Labour Day weekend (featuring buxom house DJ Amy), Justin’s birthday party, saying goodbye to the Coco’s staff for another year, and the eerie hum of the pop machines on Monday when everyone in town is gone.

The Cocos family had another successful year but it will now face its most difficult challenge — what to do for its coming 25th year without its two most trusted lieutenants and a son not completely ready to lead.

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