Jeremy Bieber Hits Grand Bend


Jeremy Bieber hit the beach at Grand Bend this summer, dropping into Coco’s Grand Bend where he gave Mickey a new Headrush T-shirt.

Jeremy is a part owner in Headrush, a lifestyle clothing brand.

Jeremy lives with his family in nearby Stratford, Ontario and often spends time at the Grand Bend beach. With Jeremy around, sightings of Justin Bieber abound.

Justin’s mother, Pattie Mallett, just released a memoir which chronicles her early life and often tumultuous relationship with Justin’s father.

“Nowhere But Up” is a brave and moving account that lays bare a past she’s still somewhat uncomfortable with.

“It’s tough being vulnerable in front of the whole world,” said Mallet in an interview with The Canadian Press. “But again, I’m hoping to reach even one person. If just one person’s life gets changed after reading this story, it’s worth it.”

Though Justin was raised by his mom in Stratford, his father has always been a part of his life. “I have a great relationship with my dad,” the pop star told Seventeen Magazine.

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Tammy —

He lives in Kitchener actually– not stratford

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