K-Pop: A Definition

With “Gangnam Style” tearing up the charts worldwide, we thought we’d provide you with some background on Korean Pop or K-Pop as it’s more commonly know.

K-Pop is a musical genre consisting of dance, electronic, electropop, hip hop, and R&B music.

It is also a popular subculture among teens and young adults who have adopted the signature kaleidoscope of colour and clothing mixes popular with K-Pop groups and singers.

Dance is an integral part of K-Pop. The reason why “Gangnam Style” has become so popular is the quirky “horse riding dance” featured in the video

K-Pop dance sequences are highly choreographed and typically have a signature move (like the aforementioned “horse riding” move) .

Many of these moves are originated so they can be performed in South Korea’s crowded clubs where people don’t have a lot of room to dance. Arm and shoulder movements and moves that are easy for people to learn are the most popular.

K-Pop is slowly amassing a cult-like following in North America with tours and appearances by some of the genre’s biggest names — 2NE1, PSY, Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation and IU.

Several of the stars of EDM have also collaborated with K-Pop stars this year. Girls’ Generation saw EDM genius Steve Aoki remix their hit single “Mr. Taxi” and hitmakers The Cataracs and Dev created a half-English, half-Japanese dubstep version of “Bad Girl.”

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