Mick 4 Mitt: Mick Rapaport Endorses Mitt Romney for President

Mick 4 Mitt - Romney for President

With only five days to go in the 2012 US Presidential Election, Mick Rapaport has come out in support of Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.

Always in the know when it comes to making a fast buck, Mick has endorsed the Romney candidacy as “good for business”.

The Romney Family owns a cottage in Beach O’ Pines, located just outside of Grand Bend. Rumors have been circulating that the well-known party hot spot could become the new Camp David.

“I hope he wins,” says Mick. “I want those secret service agents sitting at my bar next summer”.

Romney’s association with Grand Bend is a long one. Mitt’s father, George Romney, purchased the lakefront lot on which the Romney Family cottage now stands in 1950. Mitt and his siblings still own it and their telephone number is still listed in the directory under “G. Romney”.

The cottage was the destination when Mitt, his wife and children set-off on the infamous road trip that saw the family dog, Seamus, strapped in a kennel on the roof of the car.

Earlier this summer, Rapaport led a local fundraiser, Mick 4 Mitt, which raised money for the Romney campaign. A cash donation was dropped-off at the Romney Family cottage in late August.

The Mick 4 Mitt campaign was documented and will be included in Season 2 of GRAND BENDERS, which will premiere May 2-4 weekend on bpm:tv.

Watch full episodes of GRAND BENDERS online at bpm:tv

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