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Toronto, ON [April 16, 2012]Life’s a beach when you live at “The Bend”, the picture-perfect lakeshore setting for GRAND BENDERS, an original docu-soap series that premieres May 8, 2012 at 9 pm et/pt on bpm:tv, Canada’s first and only dance channel.

The five-part series follows the exploits of the Rapaport family — Mickey, Nancy and Justin — owners of Coco’s, a one-of-a-kind hotel, nightclub, restaurant and bar located along “the strip” in Grand Bend, Ontario, a legendary party place and hot-spot destination for over 100 years. GRAND BENDERS airs Tuesdays at 9 pm et/pt repeating Saturdays at 7 pm et/pt.

GRAND BENDERS is a television series that plays like a family sitcom, a docu-soap that captures the feeling of a youthful “summer to remember”.

Behind the postcard images of beach life, one unforgettable place has helped create Grand Bends’s famous reputation.

Part dance club, hotel, bar and restaurant, Coco’s is a family-run business that’s been packing in crowds for a generation. Its success depends largely on Mickey Rapaport (a.k.a Mickey Cocos), the eccentric Polish-Jewish mastermind/trickster who created it.

Mickey oversees every decision at Coco’s and even works the DJ turntables on hot summer days. Surrounded by a large cast of family, staff, friends, club kids, beach goers and frenemies, Mickey keeps the party going and the money flowing in.

Behind the scenes, a diehard group of young people get put through their paces at Mickey’s “nightclub summer camp school”. Coco’s crew of 18- to 24-year-olds undergo a unique beach town boot camp, involving sleep deprivation, caffeine and cigarettes, liquor, love stories, misbehaving, hard work, and lifelong friendships.

GRAND BENDERS was produced by Peter Gentile for MDF Productions. It is the first original series produced for bpm:tv, an independent digital channel owned and operated by Stornoway Communications.  GRAND BENDERS was financed in part with assistance from the Canadian Media Fund (CMF).


“GRAND BENDERS is a show about summer, the beach and a family who work hard — and play hard. Once you see it, you’ll want to experience it.” — Peter Gentile, Producer, GRAND BENDERS

“GRAND BENDERS tells the story of a family, a business and a community unlike any other. It’s got humour, heart and an unforgettable cast of characters — plus a ton of great dance music. We’re delighted that Peter Gentile and his team brought this series to us, and so proud that bpm:tv’s loyal viewers will be the first to experience this one-of-a-kind portrait of a crazy summer at Coco’s.” — Rosemary Fusca, Head of Programming, Stornoway Communications

The Characters:

  • Mickey, The Dad — Mickey (61) is Coco’s owner. He is a wiley Polish-Jewish mastermind/trickster who oversees every decision at Coco’s and even works the DJ turntables on hot summer days. In the last decade, he discovered house music, and it changed his life. Mick, in his own eccentric ways, oversee the business — and the kids who work there at his “nightclub summer camp school”.
  • Nancy, The Boss — Wife Nancy holds her family together while managing Coco’s financial side. Protective mother hen to Coco’s female staff, she runs a tight business — with zero tolerance for misbehaving customers and staff ineptitude, and sometime little patience for Mick’s practical jokes.
  • Justin, The Son — Justin (25), apprentice to his father in all things management, runs the kitchen and bar orders. Funny, sarcastic, running on adrenaline and energy drinks, he does his best to weather the ups and down of business and his parents’ demands. But when Mick gets under his skin, situations have a way of becoming explosive.


Episode 1 — Tuesday May 8th at 9 pm et/pt; Saturday May 12th at 7 pm et/pt
Episode 2 — Tuesday May 15th at 9 pm et/pt; Saturday May 19th at 7 pm et/pt
Episode 1 ENCORE — Tuesday May 22nd at 9 pm et/pt; Saturday May 26th at 7 pm et/pt
Episode 2 ENCORE — Tuesday May 29th at 9 pm et/pt; Saturday June 2nd at 7 pm et/pt
Episode 3 — Tuesday June 5th at 9 pm et/pt; Saturday June 9th at 7 pm et/pt
Episode 4 — Tuesday June 12th at 9 pm et/pt; Saturday June 16th at 7 pm et/pt
Episode 5 — Tuesday June 19th at 9 pm et/pt; Saturday June 23rd at 7 pm et/pt


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MDF Productions is a cross-platform production company based in Toronto, Canada. MDF has produced over 25 productions and their shows have been screened theatrically and televised around the globe, garnering many accolades, awards and viewers.

bpm:tv is Canada’s first and only dance channel: a 24/7 service that celebrates every aspect of dance culture: the music, the artists, the fashion, the nightlife, and more.  Its unique programming lineup showcases today’s cutting-edge dance and electronic music, and features artist profiles, concert specials, and insider reports on club life and style. bpm:tv is owned and operated by Stornoway Communications.

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