What Is A Door Shark?


For a small business like Coco’s in a bustling town like Grand Bend, you need to pull out all the stops when it comes to getting people through the door. You need customers, or you’re sunk. A key strategy to attracting new customers is what Mickey calls the “door shark.” But what is a door shark?

During the day, a sea of people pass by Coco’s on their way around town, looking for food, drinks or a good time. The shark is there to catch them and reel them in.

A door shark’s territory is the sidewalk at the front-of-house. Patrolling outside Coco’s, they hand out menus, chat up strangers, and encourage people to come inside.

A door shark is a hustler and a friendly face. They give people a taste of the Coco’s experience, hopefully a taste they want more of..

It’s not a skill that everyone has. It’s a talent. You have to greet strangers, capture their attention and make them comfortable — all at the same time. And,  you have only a split-second to do it in.

You can’t be feckless. You can’t be timid. And like a shark, you can’t stop moving. It doesn’t matter if someone keeps walking by; it’s all part of the gig. You keep going. Maybe the next one. Maybe the next one.

Last season we met Patrick Coco, the door man. He was charming and charismatic, a natural at approaching people on the street and getting them inside.


This season Coco’s had to do some hunting to find a new door shark. Several of Coco’s staff tried, but they didn’t have the gift. That is, until Coco’s found Laura. (Or maybe Laura found them.)

Fearless and engaging, Laura knows how to put people at ease. No matter what kind of day they’re having, passing by Coco’s means that day just got a little brighter. And if they come inside, who knows how bright their day will get.

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