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Meet The Barn Cats

Grand Benders newest cast members — Alix and Shayna — are the purrrr-fect antidote to the sour mood hanging over Cocos when the weather turns bad.


Cast Video: High Kick

High Kick is Cocos’ newest bartender and a longtime friend of Cocos’ owners and staff. Mick is skeptical about the new hire.

Cast Video: Laura, The Shark

This season Cocos had to do some hunting to find a new ‘door shark’ to replace Patrick.

Cast Video: Natalie The Niece

Natalie is Nancy’s niece. She manages the girls and works the bar. Her boyfriend’s family owns Shady Lane, the rental cottages behind Coco’s — now staff hangout, and site of late-night shenanigans.

Cast Video: Amelia

Amelia is Justin’s pixieish girlfriend and one of Coco’s top bartenders. She bunks with her boyfriend/boss in one of the small hotel rooms upstairs.

Cast Video: Patrick The Player

Patrick (22) is Coco’s ladies’ man and resident hustler. He plies passersby with jokes and charm.

Cast Video: Justin Rapaport

Justin Rapaport, apprentice to his father in all things management, runs the kitchen and bar orders at Cocos.

Cast Video: Mickey Cocos

Mickey (a.k.a. Mickey Cocos) is Coco’s owner. He is a wiley Polish-Jewish mastermind/trickster who oversees every decision and even works the DJ turntables on hot summer days.