Shooter Recipes: The Bloody Brain


Grand Bend may be a ghost town this time of year. But that dosen’t mean you can’t celebrate Halloween in high style.

Start your party off in true Grand Benders style with The Bloody Brain, a fright-inducing vodka shooter that comes our way via Abbi McCollum from HGTV.

To create The Bloody Brain, simply add chilled vodka and lime juice to a shot glass, then use a straw or small tea spoon to drip Irish cream into the mix.

The acidity from the lime juice will cause the Irish cream to curdle creating realistic blobs of ‘brain’.

For extra ‘gore’ simply add drops of blood-red grenadine into the drinks.

Follow the link for more shooter recipes from the Grand Benders.

Did you know you can now watch full episodes of GRAND BENDERS online at bpm:tv?

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