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Boo! It’s Mick’s Halloween EDM Playlist

Whether you’re hitting the dance clubs or going out trick-or-treating, we’ve got a positively spooky Halloween EDM playlist just for you. It’s all menacing rhythms and brutal bass lines, courtesy of Mickey Cocos.


MTV Acquires 20 Episodes of Grand Benders

MTV has acquired 20 episodes of the original docu-soap series Grand Benders. The announcement was made today by MDF Productions, Toronto-based producers of the series.

July 19: Mick’s Top EDM Tracks For The Weekend

With summer in full swing, we asked Mick what’s heating up the dance floor at Cocos this weekend. Whether you’re cruising the strip, working on your tan, or getting ready to go out, add these jams to your playlist.


June 6: Mick’s Top EDM Tracks Of The Week

When it comes to keeping the dance floor packed, you have to know your music. So we asked Cocos’ uber-lord and resident DJ, Mick, to give us the inside track of what’s hot on the old dance floor.


May 31: Mick’s Top EDM Tracks of the Week

If you just met Mick, you might be surprised to learn that he’s a DJ with a heavy finger on the pulse of the EDM scene.


EDM Festival Etiquette

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of music festivals or you’re wading in for the first time, it’s good to know some EDM festival etiquette before you dive in.

EDM Festival

Top 10 EDM Festivals In The World

EDM festivals are the biggest, best parties across the globe. Wondering where to find the best? Wonder no more. Here’s the Top 10 EDM Festivals in the world. 10.

Dubstep Playlist by Mickey Cocos

Mickey’s Dubstep Playlist For August 24, 2012

Get your strut on this weekend with our boom-boom-booming dubstep playlist! Mickey pulls together eight sleazy slices of bass and drum (and more bass and drum) featuring tracks by Too Fresh, The Belgian Boy Wonder and T

Deadmau5, Veld Music Festival

Mickey’s Veld Music Festival Playlist

Looks like it’s rain this weekend in our favourite place on earth — Grand Bend. But, that doesn’t mean that the party stops. We just have to take it indoors for awhile.

Grand Bend, Summer Road Trip Playlist

Taking a Trip to Grand Bend? Here’s Your Best Summer Road Trip Playlist, Ever!

Straight from Mickey’s turntable to your ears, your best summer road trip playlist ever! Grab your swim suit, jam up your playlist and take a road trip this weekend to the best beach town in Ontario —  Grand Bend.