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Grand Benders Cast: 10 Things You Should Know About Robyn

Robyn is one of Cocos most popular waitresses. And when Mick needed one of the staff to be a part of his bikini contest, Robyn was an obvious choice.

great bartender - many drinks

What Makes A Great Bartender? 8 Things That Count When You’re Serving It Up

Working at Cocos can be mayhem. The bartenders have to be on their toes, doing a million things at once and keeping their cool the entire time.


Grand Benders Guide To Being The Life Of The Party This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for eggnog, fruitcake and ugly Christmas sweaters. ‘Tis also the season for holiday parties. For a Grand Bender, this is the time of year when you want your name to be on everyone’s lips.


Grand Benders Bar Basics: 7 Bottles Every Bar Should Have

With winter creeping ever closer it’s quickly turning from cabin season to cabin fever season. The key to the beating the winter blues is to move the party from the patio to the living room.


Grand Benders Cast: 9 Things You Should know About Princess Coco

When it comes to Cocos, do you know who’s really running the show? The loud mouthed, boss man Mick? The quiet number cruncher Nancy? The frantic and stressed out Justin? No.

Dan Jacobs

The 8 Best Reasons To Put A DJ In The Toronto Mayor’s Office

Rob Ford, the crack-smoking Mayor of Toronto, has been losing staff left and right since word of his skid-row behaviour came down the pipe in May.


The Accordion: A Brief History Of Mick’s Favourite Instrument

We don’t really know where Mick found his accordion and we’re not sure when he started to play it. But play it he does! Here’s a brief history of the accordion — Mick’s favourite instrument.

end of summer

6 Crazy Things To Do Before Summer Ends

It’s getting a few degrees, cooler, the sun is setting a bit earlier, and Labour Day long weekend is rearing its head. You can feel it; summer is almost over. But let’s not get wistful and sentimental.

summer bash

Throw the Wildest End of Summer Bash Ever!

You want to end the summer with a bang, but you’ve always been the party goer, not the party thrower? Want to make a splash and send out the season with you friends chanting your name, but need some help? This is how t


How to Improve Your Beach Pick Up Game

Grand Bend is a pick up paradise. And there’s a lot of guys out there swinging and missing. How do you stand out from the crowd? This is how to improve your beach pick up game.