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Grand Benders Photo Shoot

Where is Grand Benders Filmed? Now, That’s a Good Question!

So you tuned into Grand Benders. You’ve seen the antics. You’ve seen the bar. You’ve seen the people. But still you want to know… where is this place? Believe it or not, Cocos is a real place in a real town.

end of summer

6 Crazy Things To Do Before Summer Ends

It’s getting a few degrees, cooler, the sun is setting a bit earlier, and Labour Day long weekend is rearing its head. You can feel it; summer is almost over. But let’s not get wistful and sentimental.

summer bash

Throw the Wildest End of Summer Bash Ever!

You want to end the summer with a bang, but you’ve always been the party goer, not the party thrower? Want to make a splash and send out the season with you friends chanting your name, but need some help? This is how t


How to Improve Your Beach Pick Up Game

Grand Bend is a pick up paradise. And there’s a lot of guys out there swinging and missing. How do you stand out from the crowd? This is how to improve your beach pick up game.


Are Summer Flings A Good Idea? We Think So!

What’s one of the things that summer is most known and loved for? Sun? Yeah, there’s that. Hanging out with friends? Yeah, that’s definitely true.


Renting a Cottage. 10 Things You Should Know

No one comes to Grand Bend just for a day. And unless you plan on passing out in the street, you need to figure out where you’re crashing at the end of the night.


The Top 10 Things to Bring Camping

No one comes to Grand Bend just for a day. And where better to crash at the end of the night than in the great outdoors? Of course if you’re camping out, you better come equipped.


The Best Places to Camp in Grand Bend

When you go on summer vacation, you don’t want to stay in a penthouse. This is Canada. You  want fresh air, campfires, and the great outdoors.

beach volleyball diving

Top 10 Beach Sports

You’re tanned, you’ve read all the The Hunger Games’ novels, and you’re looking for a reason to stay on the beach? How about getting a workout while you catch some rays? Here’s a list of the top 10 beach sports (


Top 10 Reasons To Visit Grand Bend on Canada Day

Canada Day is always a party, which makes Grand Bend and Canada Day a match made in heaven. Why is it worth making the trek? It’s a long list, but we’ve got the top 10 reasons to visit Grand Bend on Canada Day. 1.