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Grand Benders Photo Shoot

Where is Grand Benders Filmed? Now, That’s a Good Question!

So you tuned into Grand Benders. You’ve seen the antics. You’ve seen the bar. You’ve seen the people. But still you want to know… where is this place? Believe it or not, Cocos is a real place in a real town.

Romney alone

He’s Back! Mitt Romney Documentary Debuts on Netflix

Mick’s favourite almost-president and Grand Bend’s most famous vacationer, Mitt Romney, has been laying low for the last few years ever since he lost the American presidential race.


What is Mitt Romney Doing Now?

What is Mitt Romney doing now? For the most part, Grand Bend’s most famous cottager has been lying low.


Beach O Pines in Grand Bend is Where the Rich Relax

Beach O’ Pines is a gated community of gorgeous cottages and lakefront property located just south of Grand Bend.


Shooter Recipes: Saints Balls

This week’s shooter recipe should have been our feature last week but we were so caught up with the US Presidential Election and the Mitt 4 Mick campaign that we almost forgot to post this saintly yet sinful shooter.

Shooter Recipes to Make the US Presidential Election Go Down Easy

In honour of the 2012 US Presidential Election, we’ve selected two shooter recipes for you to enjoy — The Republican Red Devil and the Democratic Blue Slammer. Take your choice. But remember to choose wisely.

Mick 4 Mitt - Romney for President

Mick 4 Mitt: Mick Rapaport Endorses Mitt Romney for President

With only five days to go in the 2012 US Presidential Election, Mick Rapaport has come out in support of Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.