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Grand Benders Cast: 9 Things You Should know About Princess Coco

When it comes to Cocos, do you know who’s really running the show? The loud mouthed, boss man Mick? The quiet number cruncher Nancy? The frantic and stressed out Justin? No.


Grand Benders Cast: 8 Things You Should Know About Mick

If you’re walking into Cocos for the first time, you might wonder who the old Polish/Jewish guy is running around, giving orders, and sometimes jumping behind the decks. That’s Mick.


Famous Rabbits on TV

Princess Coco is the Rapaport family’s mascot. She’s a pretty white rabbit with a fondness for hair ornaments, dance music — and hip hop, too. Princess Coco is not the first rabbit to appear in a television series.


Shooter Recipes: The Princess Coco

Nobody  knows how to party like Princess Coco.  She, like this shooter, looks harmless but has a wild side. Here is our own GRAND BENDERS version of the classic “White Rabbit” shooter.