Famous Rabbits on TV


Princess Coco is the Rapaport family’s mascot. She’s a pretty white rabbit with a fondness for hair ornaments, dance music — and hip hop, too.

Princess Coco is not the first rabbit to appear in a television series. There have been other rabbits who have broken the casting barrier to become famous TV stars in their own right.

How you do think Princess Coco stacks up against other famous rabbits on TV?

The Energizer Bunny

He just keeps going and going and going. You can’t mistake him for any other bunny with his dark shades and bass drum. He has been appearing in Energizer ads since 1989. Altogether, he has appeared in over 115 television commercials.


The Cadbury Bunny

The bunny that clucks like a chicken is featured in Cadbury Crème Egg commercials on television in North America. You always know Easter is approaching when you see this fluffy bunny on the tube.


Dylan (or Flappy)

Dylan is the laid-back bunny from the children’s TV series, The Magic Roundabout (known in the original French as Le Manège enchanté). In America, the series was called The Magic Carousel and it aired in the 1980s on Nickelodeon. In this version, Dylan was called Flappy, like in the French Version. His catchphrase was “But I’m a rabbit who sleeps, I’m not the hopping kind.”


Bugs Bunny

Perhaps the most famous of all TV rabbits, Bugs was “born” (according to his official biography) in Brooklyn in 1940. He is the only cartoon rabbit with his own star on the Hollywood “Walk of Fame”. Catchphrases include “What’s up, Doc?” and “Of course you realize, dis means war!” Bugs’ nemesis is Elmer Fudd who is always hunting wabbit for sport.


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