Grand Benders, A Year in Review


1. Grand Benders Season 1 launches May 24th weekend on bpm:tv and quickly becomes the dance channel’s most popular original series.


2. Shooting starts on Season 2 anchored by a live Canada Day event celebrating the 25th anniversary of Coco’s Grand Bend. Jori Brown of bpm:tv hosts.

mysterious shark

3. A mysterious Shark takes over the front of Cocos.


4. Mickey and Nancy attend the Veld Music Festival. It was really, really amazing! And really, really hot, too.


5. Bunnies invade Coco’s Grand Bend.


6. Coco’s Grand Bend holds it annual bikini contest. It was a race to the end.

Mick 4 Mitt - Romney for President

7. Mickey raises money for Grand Bend’s most famous summer resident — Mitt Romney.

Princess Coco

8. Princess Coco takes a stroll before returning to McGill University for her last year of undergrad.


9. Mick proves that a good Viking helmet never goes out of style.


10. The Grand Benders go on vacation. Where you ask? To the beach, of course!

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Alyssa Kerr —

I like Justin , he is so cute!!!

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Wayne M. Menary —

I would like to come and meet all you guys this summer.I like your show.I live in Toronto.

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