Grand Benders Cast: 10 Things You Should Know About Patrick


Patrick has spent more time at Cocos than anyone other than Mick, Nancy and Justin. Patrick may be a smooth talker and a ladies man, but what else lies behind that smile? Here are 10 things you should know about Grand Benders cast member Patrick.

1. Patrick is a player, and he’s not shy about it. So he fits right in at Cocos.


2. Patrick is as smooth as silk. At least until he gets caught in own web.


3. Patrick is the longest running staff member Cocos has ever had that isn’t family. Well, technically he isn’t family. Mick treats Patrick like a son, but without the yelling that Justin gets.


4. Patrick has probably stuck around so long because the stress doesn’t get to him. The roof could be caving in and Patrick would take it with a smile. He’s the definition of laid back.


5. Patrick is loyal to Cocos. Although that’s possibly the only thing he’s loyal to.


6. He likes to catch some rays at the beach like everyone else, but Patrick’s favourite place to get away to is the Motorplex. It’s the only place in town that’s as fast as he is.


7. If you need someone to helping with the heavy lifting, Patrick is always looking chance to show off his arms.


8. Favourite spot at Cocos: the sidewalk. Patrick wrote the rules for how to be a door shark. He can reel in almost anyone.


9. How does Cocos manage keep someone like Patrick around? Easy: he gets a backstage pass to the best party in town.


10. Fear: Patrick has none. Whether it’s getting a girl’s number or getting strangers to check out Cocos for the first time, Patrick is always gutsy and confident.


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