Grand Benders Cast: 8 Things You Should Know About Justin


Nancy might be the woman behind the scenes and Mick the top dog, but what about Justin? If Mick’s the captain of the Cocos’ ship, then Justin is the first mate. Though you wouldn’t know it from his haircut, he knows how to hold things together. Here are 8 things you need to know about Grand Benders cast member, Justin.

1. He’s been working at Coco’s since he was a kid. He started out as a cook, pitching in when the family needed help. Mick has taught him everything he knows. Hopefully that’s a good thing.


2. He’s the only one that can talk back to Mick. One minute they’re yelling at each other, the next they’re fixing a problem. There’s no way either of them would admit it, but they’re a lot alike.


3. He’s a bit trapped between wanting to be on the ball like his parents and wanting to party like his coworkers. He keeps to the straight and narrow, but when there’s a night off, he’s the first to bust out the shots.


4. He’s so busy running this ship that he doesn’t have time to shave. At least that’s what we assume.


5. You won’t hear him talk about music much. He’s so busy keeping the wheels from falling off he leaves the dance floor to Mick.


6. He shares a room with Amelia upstairs at Cocos. If it weren’t for their rare trips to the beach or camping, he’d spend his whole summer without leaving the place.


7. When the work needs to get done, Justin isn’t afraid to step up. He doesn’t shy away from responsibility and he’s not a slacker. Though he’ll let you know exactly how he feels about it.


8. Like Mick, he’s not exactly cool under pressure. Maybe that explains the hair.


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I love him he needs to be my boy friend

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