Grand Benders Cast: 8 Things You Should Know About Mick


If you’re walking into Cocos for the first time, you might wonder who the old Polish/Jewish guy is running around, giving orders, and sometimes jumping behind the decks. That’s Mick. He’s the top dog at Cocos, the leader of the pack and our favourite Grand Benders cast member. Here are 8 things you should know about Mick:

1. What Mick says goes. Justin and Mick might fight and bicker, but Mick has been in Grand Bend running the show with Nancy for over 25 years. And he’s managed to keep the place jumping the whole time.


2.  He loves deadmau5. Ask him about house music and he’ll talk your ear off. Just don’t ask him about dubstep.


3. He’s the brainchild behind all of Cocos marketing moves, from the Cocomobile to Princess Coco (the front door mascot) and Cocos’ annual bikini contest. Getting people in the door is the name of the game, and Mick will do whatever it takes.


4. He’s a DJs worst nightmare. Mick’s been known to toss a DJs library on the dance floor, pull the plug or simply get behind the decks himself.


5. He thinks he can play the accordion.


6. Mick handpicks all the staff that work at Cocos. In a family-owned business that has a reputation for hard work and harder partying, not everyone is going to stack up. But it’s these people that make Coco’s such a unique place.


7. Fuck is probably his favourite word. And you’ll hear it a lot if you mess up or get on his nerves.


8. When he’s not in Grand Bend, Mick likes to travel the world, hitting up as many beaches, parties, and as many EDM festivals as he can. If he could only pick one destination in the whole world as his favourite? That’s easy: Ibiza.


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