Grand Benders Cast: 9 Things You Should Know About Amelia


Mick has a tendency to steal the spotlight, but there are a lot of hands on deck that keep Cocos afloat. If Justin is the first mate of the good ship Cocos, Amelia is the anchor. Other than being Justin’s main squeeze, what does Amelia bring to the table? Here are 9 things you should know about Grand Benders cast member, Amelia

1. Cocos is an alternate reality, and Amelia is the one who keeps things sane. Imagine a world of just Mick, Nancy and Justin.


2. When tempers flare, she knows to back away. You won’t see her get in the middle when Justin and Mick lock horns. By now, she’s probably gotten used to it.


3. Amelia is Justin’s main squeeze, and they bunk over the bar at the Coco’s hotel. So every summer is like a summer camp.


4. You won’t see Amelia raising her voice. She’s calm and cheery, the eye in the middle of the Cocos storm.


5. But don’t let her perpetual smile fool you. She needs a day at the beach to unwind just like the rest of us.


6. And don’t get on her bad side. While she’s a ray of sunshine most of the time, she’ll give you the dagger eye if you cross her.


7. More than Justin, she knows she needs her time away from Cocos to stay sane. Maybe that’s why her hair is so much better.


8. She values her friendships with her co-workers. Amelia isn’t a boss, she’s a co-worker. Maybe that’s why she’s so relaxed.


9. She’s a stellar bartender. Lots of staff head for the hills after a summer at Cocos, but Amelia has stuck around and has even worked her way into the family. She wouldn’t be there if she wasn’t great as what she does. And has a great time doing it, too.


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