Grand Benders Cast: 9 Things You Should Know About Nancy


While Mick and Justin argue and fight to keep Cocos running, Nancy works her magic behind the scenes. She’s the quietest one of the trio, and steadfast. What role does she play in the Cocos’ game? Here are 8 things you should know about Grand Benders cast member Nancy.

1. She works the numbers. While Mick is trying out his latest marketing scheme and Justin is making sure the bars are stocked, Nancy holds it down in the office. She might be the woman behind the curtain.


2. Nancy is the definitive matriarch. She knows what’s going on with everyone in Cocos. From the cooks to the bar staff to the front of house, she has an eye on everything.


3. She’s not in-your-face like Mick. But she does keep a watchful eye on everyone from the cooks to the bar staff to the door shark.


4. Even when things get crazy, Nancy keeps her cool. She has a much breezier approach to running the business. The yin to Mick’s yang.


5. The girls that work at Cocos are a tight knit group, and Nancy is like their mother hen, protective of her flock.


6. While Mick and Justin are busy running the fort, Nancy knows when a staff member is going to hit a breaking point.


7. Sometimes she needs to get in between Mick and Justin until the tempers die down.


8. She knows Mick likes to have his hands in everything. She lets him run wild most of the time, but she’s not afraid to put him on a short leash if she needs to.


9. You might notice that Cocos is never running short on booze or food, or behind on the mortgage. Because Nancy is the ghost in the machine, making sure Cocos doesn’t run aground.


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