Grand Benders Cast: 6 Things You Should Know About High Kick


Hick Kick is the latest addition to Cocos’ bar staff. He’s a bit of a goof and has a seriously deadly high kick. As the only male bartender, he has to prove he can keep pace with the Cocos’ ladies. Here are 6 things you should show about Grand Benders cast member High Kick.

1. He loves Cocos. He’ll hit Main Street in a Cocos shirt on his time off, just to give the bar that extra little bit of advertising.


2. His hair. He takes his hair seriously, and treats it like a canvas. Which makes him the opposite of Justin.


3. He’s Cocos’ only male bartender. Cocos used to keep the genders mixed behind the bar, but business started to trail off and tips died when there were more bros. Finally, after years of keeping the guys off the grid, Mick decided to give High Kick a chance. As the first male bartender in years, he has to work twice as hard to prove his worth.


4. He loves to party. High Kick is the picture perfect Grand Bender. He works hard and plays harder. He loves to party. He loves the beach. He loves to work. And, he never lets one get in the way of the other.


5. The high kick. It’s not just a skill, it’s a gift. He is called High Kick for a reason.


6. He has a winning smile. High Kick can make friends with anyone. He’s instantly your best friend. Mick thinks this might mean High Kick can’t keep pace with the other staff, but it could be his secret weapon.


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