More Than A Summer Fling: Grand Benders Justin and Amelia


Working with your partner can be high stress, especially if you’re working in a place like Cocos. With Valentine’s Day approaching, we wonder: how do you make a romance work when you’re at work? Grand Benders Justin and Amelia have proven to be more than a summer fling. Though being boss and employee, and girlfriend and boyfriend is not without its challenges. 

1. Mick and Nancy are high enough on the management ladder that they can get out of each other’s way. Unfortunately, Justin and Amelia don’t have that luxury.


2. Managing a professional relationship and a romantic relationship at different times is hard enough. Try managing both at the same time! That’s a tough line to walk, and can make for a bumpy ride.


3. Justin is Amelia’s boss. There are times when he has to put his foot down, or risk playing favourites. The opposite is also true.


4. But they can also see things from each other’s perspectives. Amelia knows how hard Justin works. And Justin knows how insane it is behind the bar.


5. Amelia knows that she has to get out of Justin’s (crazy) hair. She’ll go to the beach and hang out with friends. It’s a way for her to decompress, and gives Justin a bit of personal space.


6. You can tell that the stress gets to them sometimes. Amelia has her days at the beach. But Justin is always working.


7. Justin and Amelia have learned that you have to stop and smell the roses. They room together upstairs at Cocos, so breaking out of the bubble on occasion is really important. That, or else the relationship will end up playing second fiddle to running the craziest club in Grand Bend.


8. Justin and Amelia may have their ups and downs, but they show you can work together and keep your romance going. Even if isn’t always smooth sailing.


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