How To Turn Your Mexican Vacation Into A Grand Bender


Turn your Mexican vacation into a Grand Bender with these tips from the Grand Benders — Nancy, Mick, Justin and Amelia.

Have a final fling before spring! There’s still time to get travel deals for the Mexican Riviera. Mix and match our travel trips for your best Mexican vacation, ever!

1. Start your day at Cacao Cafe with a double espresso and two bottles of freshly squeezed orange juice.


2. Then it’s beach time. Bring your sun screen or you’ll be sorry.


3. Afternoon, it’s Coronas on the beach…


4. Followed by ceviche on the beach. (It’s better than ice cream).


5. As night begins to fall, head to the Skinny Bikini Bar for margaritas and potatoes topped with Caribbean lobster, shrimps, marinated steak, chicken and one of seven “secret sauces”. Yum!


6. For fun, take a road trip to the Costco in Cancun for the 1.75 litre bottle of Kirkland brand vodka (same as Grey Goose). Cost: 382 pesos = $30 (girls gotta their after beach Caesars). Why not pick-up a case of Corona while you’re there. Cost: 192 pesos = $16.00.


7. What better way to make new friends then to share that $16.00 case of Corona!


8. Tired of the Playa scene? Take a 20-minute boat ride to Cozumel with the Grand Benders’ buddy Captain Roger. It’s way faster than the ferry and on the way back, you can go night fishing for lobsters.


9. Go cenote exploring and enjoy a free fish pedicure.


10. Join everyone at the corner of 5th Avenue and 12th Street in Playa del Carmen for the annual New Year’s Eve celebration. An amazing vibe!


11. The only tough decision you’ll have to make during your Mexican vacation is whether to drive an hour to Cancun for the deadmau5 concert or walk two blocks up the beach for the Tiesto concert. Sorry mau5, looks like Tiesto’s our man!


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