Get Down With The Pink, Boys. We Talk Summer Fashion Trends.

Grand Benders, Weird Trends Pink Trunks

Here at GRAND BENDERS headquarters we tend to pick-up on trends, especially those summer fashion trends that get their start at the best beach town in Ontario — Grand Bend.

We’ve been seeing a lot of guys wearing pink lately and we’re not talking your typical going-on-a-date shirt either. We’re talking more along the lines of pink trunks, pink briefs, pink boxers — even pink tutus.

Our question is, what’s with the pink on the bottom-half ? Is it a new summer fashion trend? Or a solemn exploration of that most feminine of colours by some seriously hip guys?

And, if it is a fashion trend (serious or otherwise), did it all start in Grand Bend with our very own Patrick?

Enough said. Let the pictures tell the rest of the story….

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