Valentine’s Day: He Said, She Said, Amelia


For Valentine’s Day we thought we it would be fun to test just how well Justin and Amelia know — or don’t know — each other.

So, we set-up this variation of the 1970’s TV game show “He Said, She Said” that they could play while passing away the time on the Mexican Riviera.

Justin and Amelia were asked eight questions about each other and then about themselves.

Each of the questions was asked, individually, to ensure there was no cheating.

They may be on an endless “first love” vacation in Mexico. But in reality, how sympatico is this couple?  How well do you think Justin knows Amelia?

Read what he said.

If  you’d rather skip the mushy couple’s stuff, just scroll to bottom of the page for Justin’s score.

To find out how well Amelia knows Justin, click here for Part 2: He Said, She Said.

Q: What’s the cutest thing Amelia does without realizing she’s doing it?

Justin: She always puts her hands up to her face when she gets excited.
Amelia: People always comment on my laugh being very giggly so I guess it’s that!

Q: What’s the one thing about Amelia that drives you crazy?

Justin: She always steps on the back of my flip-flops!
Amelia: I always hit Justin’s feet with the grocery cart and step on the back of his shoes.

Q: Does Amelia have a favourite drink? What is it?

Justin: Caesars!
Amelia: Caesars are my favourite!

Q: What’s Amelia’s idea of a perfect romantic date?

Justin: Chips and dip and a Will Ferrel movie. And that’s why she is TOTALLY amazing!
Amelia: My idea of a perfect date is grabbing an Oxxo cooler and heading to the beach!

Q: What celebrity does Amelia think she looks like? What celebrity do you think Amelia looks like?

Justin: She would probably say Christina Ricci. I would definitely say Christina Ricci.
Amelia: People tell me I look like Christina Ricci all the time.

Q: You’re stranded with Amelia on a desert island off the Mexican coast. What three things would she bring along?

Justin: A Coldplay album, an awesome pair of sunglasses, and her dog Kingpin.
Amelia: A stereo player with lots of good music, my dog, and Caesar mix.

Q: What’s Amelia’s theme song?

Justin: Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & the Waves.
Amelia: Sunglasses at Night by Corey Hart.

Q: If Amelia could have three wishes, what would they be?

Justin: Money, fluffy dogs, and endless beach.
Amelia: Nice weather all the time. Unlimited air miles. A permanent tan.

Justin’s Valentine’s Day score: 5 out of 8.

(We gave him a full point for #1 – Cutest Thing – and for #6 – You’re stranded on a desert island – because they were both pretty close).

To find out how well Amelia knows Justin, click here for Part 2 of our Valentine’s Day quiz.


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