Valentine’s Day: He Said, She Said, Justin


For Valentine’s Day we thought we it would be fun to test just how well Justin and Amelia know — or don’t know — each other.

So, we set-up this variation of the 1970’s TV game show “He Said, She Said” that they could play while passing away the time on the Mexican Riviera.

Justin and Amelia were asked eight questions about each other. And then the questions were turned around so that they answered the same eight questions about themselves.

Each of the questions was asked, individually, to ensure there was no cheating.

How well do you think Amelia knows Justin?

Justin scored  5 of out 8 on his part of the Valentine’s Day Quiz.

Can Amelia do better?

Read what she said.

If  you’d rather skip the mushy couple’s stuff, just scroll to bottom of the page for Amelia’s Valentine’s Day score.

Q: What’s the cutest thing Justin does without realizing he’s doing it?

Amelia: The cutest thing Justin does is scratch his head really hard whenever he’s trying to make a decision.
Justin: I wink.

Q: What’s the one thing Justin does that drives you crazy?

Amelia: Justin is NOT a morning person!
Justin: My weird winking thing.

Q: What’s Justin’s favourite drink?

Amelia: Beer.
Justin: Beer or a Chelada. If you don’t know what that is look it up because you’re missing out!

Q: What’s Justin’s idea of a perfect date?

Amelia: Justin likes to cook for me whenever we have a date. He’s a really good cook!
Justin: Jack Astor’s Cheesy Pan Bread and watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

Q: What celebrity does Justin think he looks like? What celebrity do you think Justin looks like?

Amelia: Justin is often told he looks like Rod Stewart and I kind of agree… It’s the hair!
Justin: Simon LeBlanc from Duran Duran. But most people say Rod Stewart.

Q: You’re stranded with Justin on a desert island off the Mexican coast. What three things would he bring along?

Amelia: It would be beer, the entire Star Wars collection and Coco’s bunny mascot, Princess Coco.
Justin: Beer, my favourite book, and Amelia.

Q: What is Justin’s theme song?

Amelia: Justin’s theme song is Du Hast by Rammstein. Only because he loves that song so much.
Justin: Bongo Bongo by Manu Chao.

Q: If Justin could have three wishes, what would they be?

Amelia: To go back in time to the 1980’s and party with Ozzy Osbourne. To own every issue of Vice Magazine. To have a pet monkey… One of those little tiny ones.
Justin: A monkey butler, unlimited grilled cheese sandwiches, and a warehouse full of ketchup chips.

Amelia’s Valentine’s Day score: 2 out of 8.

To find out how well Justin knows Amelia, click here for Part 1 of our Valentine’s Day quiz.


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