What Makes Mickey Cocos Tick? An Interview With Our Favorite Dad


Today is Father’s Day, a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers. In honour of the day, we sat down with Mikey Cocos, our favorite docu-soap dad, to find out what makes him tick. Here’s the Q&A:

Q: What’s your favourite drink to order at the bar?

Mickey Cocos: Tyskie. The best polish beer.

Q: What’s your favourite food?

Mickey Cocos: If I can only choose one? Seafood pasta.

Q: Are you a sports fan?

Mickey Cocos: No. Really doesn’t apply to me. Work is my sport.

Q: So many people come to Grand Bend and for a day at the beach or summer vacation. What’s
your ideal vacation?

Mickey Cocos: Playa del Carmen in Mexico. Is has some of the best beaches. If you go there, it’s very hard to leave.


Q: What do you like on your pizza?

Mickey Cocos: Four cheese and anchovies.

Q: What do you like for breakfast? Are you a bacon and eggs type of guy, or a
grapefruit and salad type?

Mickey Cocos: All I need is a double espresso.

Q: What do you do for exercise? You don’t seem much like the gym type.

Mickey Cocos: No gyms for me. I don’t need them. Running Cocos keeps me active. It’s a big, big workout.

Q: We’ve seen you rock the soul patch, what about growing a moustache
or a beard?

Mickey Cocos: Been there, done that.


Q: Who would win in a fight, Deadmau5 or Skrillex?

Mickey Cocos: Deadmau5. No contest.

Q: How do you usually spend Father’s Day? Are you going to do anything differently this year?

Mickey Cocos: Working. Cocos is always open on Father’s Day. A good Father’s Day is a busy one.

Q: What’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten for Father’s Day?

Mickey Cocos: My oversized Diesel watch. It’s beautiful, I love it.

Q: Who’s your favourite movie or TV Dad? Or your favourite celebrity Dad?

Mickey Cocos:: On TV, Walter White from Breaking Bad. That guy doesn’t take any nonsense. I really like Fatboy Slim too. He’s a great guy.

Q: What are your thoughts on grandkids?

Mickey Cocos: I’m not babysitting! I do enough of that at work.

Q: What tips would you give for families that come to Grand Bend?

Mickey Cocos: Enjoy the street view. It’s unlike any other.

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