Where In The World Are The Grand Benders?


With the summer season in Grand Bend wrapped, Mickey, Nancy, Justin and Amelia have headed to Ibiza, Spain.

Summer is still going strong there … or at least until the end of October when things start to wind down.

In true Grand Benders style, our cast has been hitting the clubs.

This week, Mickey got to introduce Justin and Amelia to Privilege Ibiza, the world’s largest nightclub.

Privilege is a true Ibiza superclub and home to some of the most famous Ibiza parties over the past decade, including the legendary Manumission nights and a series of sold out shows by trance DJ, Tiesto.

The club holds the Guinness World Record for ‘biggest club in the world’ and is so large that it even has it’s own indoor swimming pool.

Privilege is situated between Ibiza Town and San Antonio, offering gorgeous views over the island. It is also the Ibiza destination for clubbing celebrities, including Puff Daddy, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Jade Jagger and Madonna to name a few. You can add the GRAND BENDERS to that list!

In the church of electronica, summer is only a heart-beat away. But, if you’re so inclined you can click on this link and be transported back to Grand Bend for a little thump, thump, thump with Mickey and the rest of the Grand Benders cast.

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