Where In The World Is DJ Amy?

Continuing with our series of ‘where in the world’ posts, we catch-up with GRAND BENDERS cast member, DJ Amy.

Our favourite female DJ and femme fatale extraordinaire, Amy Elizabeth, is busy as usual with a weekly Thursday gig at Mynt Nightclub in Windsor, Ontario.

Amy will also be DJing at a sold-out charity event in Leamington, Ontario for Transition to Betterness, a children’s cancer charity. That event takes place October 19th at the Leamington Portugese Club.

In early November, Amy  takes to the skies, flying off to the Cayman Islands where she’ll be a DJ-in-residence at O Bar in Georgetown.

The club is widely (or notoriously) known as the island’s den of inequity.

Sounds familiar, dosen’t it?

We’ll all miss DJ Amy and wish her the best in her new life, serving up beats in one the world’s great tax havens!


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